DASH7 – long range, low power

As developments in telematics, the smart grid and the Internet of Things move forward one single thing becomes critical: sensors.  In order for something to be a “smart” device it needs to be able to communicate data upstream to some type of data aggregation framework and to other sensors.

As I have learned over the past few days, that’s where DASH7 comes in handy.  Originally developed for military use DASH7 is making its way into the commercial market and has implications for just about everything you can think of, from automobiles to outdoor digital advertising.

Some of the key things that make DASH7 so attractive:

  • Long range – about 1,000m
  • Low power – batteries can last up to 1o years
  • 433mhz frequency – globally available and license free
  • Tag to tag – provides a mesh network
  • Plays well with NFC chips – with only minor modification

This July DASH7 mode 2 was released.  From the press release:

“DASH7 Mode 2 is an exciting achievement in wireless technology since we’ve not only improved on existing DASH7 strengths such as range and battery life, but we added new capabilities that make it easier for developers to deliver features required for many new markets and applications,” said Patrick Burns, President of the DASH7 Alliance.  “Unless you are streaming video or audio over your wireless sensor network, there is simply no reason to use another wireless technology other than DASH7.”

Sensors are not sexy yet but as more and more devices become “aware” you will soon be using sensors in places you might not have imagined.

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