Cisco buys Arch Rock

Cisco continues its push towards smart grid technology with the announced purchase of Arch Rock.

From Gigaom: “With the acquisition of Arch Rock, Cisco will now own a wireless mesh network technology product that can connect smart meters to utilities’ control stations and could link up to its other building automation services, its box for home energy management and its smart grid substation gear.”

The company’s main platform is the PhyNet-Grid. (PDF)

PhyNet-Grid™ is the world’s first smart grid stack that:

  • Connects any meter to meter data management applications
  • Uses all the latest IP and Web standards, over IEEE RF mesh
  • Scales indefinitely with distributed IP routing algorithms
  • Delivers resilience with sub-GHz radio and frequency agility
  • Offers real-time data exchange, not just “delayed batch collection”
  • Maintains AMI and NAN communication even during power outage
  • Delivers a secure mesh network and secure end-to-end NAN and AMI transactions
  • Enables distribution network sensing and control applications

The PhyNet-Grid network sensors allow “IEEE 802.15.4/6LoWPAN wireless communications, mesh routing, AES128‐based link encryption and node authentication for secure communications.” Which I guess means Zigbee and not DASH7.

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