“I don’t believe society understands what happens when everything is available, knowable and recorded
by everyone all the time.” 2010, Eric Schmidt, CEO, Google

thinkd2c provides clients with a data driven approach to branded campaign creation.  

Social intelligence is still in the early stages of maturity but the tools we use help us identify and understand our target demographic’s interests.  We craft messages that resonate with audiences, producing real impact on awareness, education and consideration that can be tracked, measured and managed.

The gradual progress of deriving value from social data has a profound and disruptive effect on every aspect of business and is forcing executives to rethink how they understand, reach and influence their customers. The ability to know the people you sell to and to monetize that knowledge has never been greater.

As companies move beyond relying on their own closed or proprietary data store and fully integrate social channel data they will gain specific new insight into customer targeting and segmentation. Access to this kind of crowd-sourced, personally reported metadata did not exist before very recently.

Personal context is captured by the social graph, a map of your actions, interactions and exchanges in your digital ecosystem. Facebook helped popularize the concept and is a primary contributor to the data-landscape.

thinkd2c combines social graphs with interest preferences to create a template for understanding and communicating to specific digital groups with messages properly constructed in their symbols.