Wetair logo from around 1999

Wetair logo ~1999

Wetair was a pre-dawn social networking and media sharing site. Aimed at college students, users could create personal accounts, view,share, rate and review any submission. The site’s content was 100% video (3 to 5 minutes) or flash movies. Each content category was curated by an online personality who regularly did video interviews with well known artist and directors.

My first day at College Television Network I had a meeting with Jason Elkin, Avy Stein, John Oppenheimer and Gideon Stein (no relation) to talk about CTN investing in Omnipod, a desktop application aimed at combining instant messaging, file sharing and media playing. It was kind of like Winamp plus Napster with texting. All in all it was a pretty big first day.

I was first introduced to Jason by Ashley Shook, who had been his account rep at Joel Babbit’s 360 advertising company.  Jason and I got along well right from the start.  I tried to sell him a web redesign and ended up going to work for him to create CTN’s internet strategy.

Still working on the story – highlights:

•Created Wetair’s strategic initiative, led market positioning and product implementation.
•Created integrated sales plan linking interactive with CTN’s television and print properties.
•Staffed and managed team of writers, producers, designers and editors as well as managed use of on screen talent.
•Organized content partnerships with major content producers including Farmclub, CinemaNow, Warner Music Group’s Instavid, and SLAMdance film festival.
•Oversaw the development of front end interface and back end content management system.
•Specified and oversaw the installation of a server farm consisting of 3 Sun E250’s and three custom linux media servers.
•Produced over 1,200 pieces of original broadband content at an average of 30 pieces per week.

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